The New ‘Face’ of AI

Harvard dropouts seem to do well for themselves: Bill Gates, Matt Damon, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In terms of talking about AI, Facebook has been in the news lately as Zuckerberg revealed at the Townhall Q&A how AI and VR will be a big part of our tech future. The tech billionaire has grand designs to one day integrate AI into his social media empire, which he hopes will further connect people.


As the largest tech enterprise in the world, Facebook may be the precursor to what lays ahead for the tech industry. The company has been working on improving artificial intelligence, even planning to establish a special laboratory in France dedicated to research and studies involving the technology.

Zuckerberg admitted that in order for AI technology to work, it must be smarter than the lay human. AI must be able to understand text posts, recognise people and events from photos and videos, and be mentally able to process them.  Zuckerberg thinks this can happen within 10 short years; and he may not be that off with his estimate, as even Google has positioned itself in the AI game.

Facebook has seen success in their artificial intelligence research, as Facebook Inc. has recently revealed a series of photographs produced by an AI living in the Menlo Park laboratories. According to the study, the machine was able to recreate images that were identical to the original picture. About 40% of the humans polled believed that the AI replicated images were real.

But Facebook Inc. has gone beyond testing the ability for machines to copy photos, they have also employed the AI technology within their website’s algorithms. The photo-tagging feature is capable of identifying users by simply analysing the photographs uploaded throughout the site. Facebook will even improve facial recognition by being able to distinguish a person’s face even if the image is partially concealed.

If Zuckerberg’s estimates are right, the tech landscape will be rampant with AI tech in 10 years. It will be interesting to see if AI ‘face-tagging’ technology will recognize what the ‘face’ of Silicon Valley was a decade previous.


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